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Purchase 2017 Ultimate Chicago annual membership for $10.00.

Why is this annual membership being introduced?

Ultimate Chicago and our summer leagues have existed more than 20 years. Currently, the health of UC is greater than ever; and, the numbers of people playing our great sport are higher than ever. At the same time, growth in the sport has made it more difficult for UC to deliver sufficiently across all of our expanding demographics, with some juggling the sport and families and others unable to put in the time to both compete in club series and participate and mentor in the recreational community. Furthermore, the costs for providing tournaments, leagues and other events have continued to increase. To deal with both those opportunities and challenges, UC is proactively working to improve our offerings and the value we provide to players of all levels. We have, for example, hired our Executive Director, expanded our volunteer committees so you can have direct input into our operations, and are introducing an annual membership product for our players.

Here we would like to introduce our annual membership system to the Ultimate Chicago community. The Annual Membership will be $10 per calendar year.

If you have not yet purchased an annual membership during a calendar year and want to register for a league, you do not need to do anything. It will be automatically added to your cart. If you have any issues with purchasing it please contact our ED at dan (at) ultimatechicago dot org

If you would like an annual membership and are not registering for a UC event, you can use the “checkout” link above to purchase it separately from a league registration (for instance, if it is being used for a UC sponsored event for club training or a clinic).

How will the annual membership benefit our community?

We greatly appreciate our community and actively seeking to improve our events and connection to players at all levels. We were introduced to the membership model since it is used in many similar organizations across the country (such as for USAU club players) and thought it was a great fit for strengthening UC and benefiting our members.

The Annual Membership has many benefits for UC operations that a participant of our leagues might not be able to see. It allows us to use our insurance in more beneficial ways while addressing the organization’s responsibilities to ensure our players are adequately covered. It allows us to better track and manage those that are part of our community and allows us to provide more for them.

By implementing the Annual Membership we can also reduce the burden of our increasing fixed (or overhead) costs on our most active players since we will not have to adjust our league registration costs to compensate.

The Annual Membership will allow players to vote in our annual elections thus making the board responsible to those currently active in our community. It also allows for current or former players who can no longer participate in UC events to get engaged and give a little back to those who can.

We feel the Annual Membership is a net positive for all and are happy to discuss it. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Board or our Executive Director.

How was this plan rolled out?

The annual membership fee is something that has been discussed by the board for several months. The board voted to finalize the membership fee for the 2017 calendar year on November 7th, 2016. The membership fee was introduced in a UC e-mail on and shared at the annual Town Hall on March 4, 2017.

How do I purchase a membership?

To purchase an annual membership as a stand-alone item separate from registering for UC event through our website, please use the “Checkout” link above. If registering for a UC event through the website without a current membership for the calendar year, you don’t need to do anything. The annual membership will be automatically added to your cart.

Are there any alternatives to the $10 annual membership fee?

UC feels that our leagues and events are extremely competitive and even cheap compared to other sports leagues in terms of price. We want to keep our costs to our players low, and as part of that if any individuals are having trouble covering the Annual Membership they are encouraged to contact our ED to see if alternatives, such as volunteer hours, are available.