2014 Spring League FAQ

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2014 Spring League FAQ

  • When does registration close? March 12th is the last day to register.
  • Can I register for more than one Division? No.  All Divisions have a limited number of spots and there may be times when schedules overlap.
  • What are the core point caps? 90 for Scissors, 108 for Paper, and 128 for Rock.
  • How many games a week? 2 consecutive games will be scheduled for every team every Saturday for 8 weeks
  • When do games start? Games Start on Saturday March
    22nd and end with the Tournament on May 17th.
  • What are games played to? 13
  • What times will games be played?
    Session 1: 9:00am-10:15am, 10:20am-11:35am Session 2 11:45am-1:00pm, 1:05pm-2:20pm and  Session 3: 2:30pm-4:00pm, 4:05pm-5:30pm. 
  • What fields are we playing at and where are they located? Games will be played at Schiller
  • How many cores will be allowed to register? We will allow any number of cores to register but only the first (6) to be completely registered and paid will be guaranteed a spot in Rock,  first (14) to be completely registered and paid in Paper, and first (8) to be completely registered and paid in Scissors. If league numbers do not support that number of cores we will work to fairly combine cores.
  • What is the Rookie Policy? The Official Rookie Policy. For the Recreational and Competitive Cores only: Up to four Optional Additional Players that have played fewer then 3 pickup or organized (college or any other league) games may be added without affecting your core point total.  Max of (2) males. Any obvious violation of the "fewer then 3 pickup or organized games" requirement will be met with disqualification from the tournament. Violations will be investigated by the commissioner after a complaint has been issued by a captain of an opposing team. After the rookies have registered e-mail Spring@ultimatechicago.org with your team name, your league, and the names and e-mail addresses of your rookies.
  • How many players are on a team and what is the gender ratio? The roster gender ratio will be determined by league registrations but will be as close to 4 men to 3 women as possible. Most teams will have 20 players on them but due to different factors may have as few as 19 or as many as 22. 
  • I have a buddy. Can we play together? Yes. Buddy groups can be made up of any 2 individuals not in a core. No exceptions. Any buddy group with a female with be guaranteed a spot in the draft. 
  • I am in a core but I'm not the captain of that core. How do I make sure I am put in my core?
    No matter when you sign up you can be added to the correct core. If you
    sign up after your captain has placed you on the core you will get a
    prompt asking you to confirm this. If you sign up before your captain,
    or you switch cores, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address
    attached to your account asking you to confirm that you are indeed on
    that core.
  • I am a captain of a core and I need to make core roster changes. How do I do this?
    This is easily accomplished once you get to the right screen. Go back
    to the Leagues page and click on the "register for this league" link
    under the league you registered for. On the next page click on the make
    roster changes link. In order to add or remove a player to or from your
    core you have to enter the persons name, user name, or e-mail address in
    the search field towards the bottom of the screen. Once the correct
    profile is pulled up you can make the changes. If you want to take John
    Doe off your core and add Jane Doe (his better half) you would have to
    first type John Doe in the search bar. Then after the profile is pulled
    up hit the big red remove button located on the right. Then hit save at
    the very bottom of the page. After that type in Jane Doe. She now can
    be added to your core. Hit save. Celebrate.
  • How does the draft work? After registration has ended a
    representative from every core will gather together with their
    respective league captains and a live draft will be held. During this
    draft all individuals and buddy groups registered for that league will
    be up for grabs. Draft rules and order will be sent to captains shortly
    after the close of registration.  All drafts will be at TBD
  • When is the Tournament? The Tournament is currently scheduled for May 17th, location TBD (most likely Naperville Pollo Fields)
  • I did the math and the number of weeks between the start of the league and the tournament exactly equal 8. What happens if we miss a week due to weather?  Play at your own risk. No refunds will be given due to cancellations. The league can't control the weather. If you can please make it a very dry spring.


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Gender ratios


Can the gender ratios be clarified? If there is no league rule should we assume it is 4/3 offense chooses?

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I also would love some

I also would love some clarification on this.  If a team has 2 girls or less show up, what is the preferred way to handle this?  If a team only has 3 girls do they have to go 4-3 the whole game? 

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Are we able to choose which session we play in? Or does it rotate? Cause I really can't play unless I get a specific session. 

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In the past, it's rotated to

In the past, it's rotated to each session. 3 weeks, 3weeks, 2 weeks. Captains were able to voice their preference, but that just meant the preferred time wouldn't be the session you only have for 2 weeks.