2015 Spring League Administrator

Job Title:  2015 Spring League League Administrator

Reports to: Ultimate Chicago Board of Directors


General Description:  

The League Administrator is responsible for the organization, planning, and execution of an Ultimate Chicago League in coordination with the Board of Directors.

The League Administrator will be given general guidelines for league format, scheduling of the league, and financial goals. The League administrator may build their own team of volunteers to assist in running League and is responsible for managing an agreed upon budget.




  • Submit league proposal to UC Board of Directors for approval, including budget based on parameters determined by UC Board; estimated league makeup, including number of teams and divisions; plan to attract and retain women players; plan to attract, train and retain qualified captains; plan to promote and recognize Spirit of the Game.
  • Work with UC Board liaison to report league progress and address any issues that require UC Board approval or action.
  • Work with pertinent UC Board Committees on any related issues.
  • Ensure good relationship with Park Districts and Forest Preserve District and ensure good field condition is maintained.
  • Work with web admins to initiate registration process.
  • Plan and manage league draft and overall team construction.
  • Respond to league-related inquiries.
  • Resolve and respond to league registration issues (payment, waivers, buddy pairings, etc). Create game schedules and locations for each League division.
  • Ensure scores and spirit rankings are properly reported during the season.
  • Organize and oversee the end of season tournament.
  • Work with UC Board to create and administer post-season survey
  • Issue end-of-season report to UC Board including any lessons learned from the season, report on captain performance and feedback, and suggestions for next year.




A stipend of up to $2,000 will be paid for successfully executing the responsibilities of League Administrator (including those described above) to be delivered as agreed upon by UC Board and League Administrator.


To Apply:

Submit a statement to UC Board (board@ultimatechicago.org) by February 18th explaining why you want to be League Administrator, your vision for the league, and what, if any long-term changes you would like to see implemented for your league and Ultimate Chicago in general.