Winter League Registration is Now Open!


Winter League Registration is Now Open!

It's that time of year again!

Played on indoor walled soccer fields at Chicago Indoor Sports (3900 S Ashland Ave), Winter League is the best way to keep those winter pounds off without losing digits to frostbite!

  • You play strictly timed games as opposed to playing to a point total. No point caps, win by two, etc. you stop playing when the buzzer sounds (or once discs already in the air, before the buzzer goes off, are caught), the point does not necessarily end with a goal. Sets can end in ties.
  • A smaller field and fewer players (5 on 5)
  • Shorter stall counts to keep things moving (to 7)
  •  Walls are in bounds, so ricochet away!
  • Scores are caught in the goalie box (not the actual net, but the lined box in front of the goal) which means you can score from three sides of the endzone!

Sign up today and contact with any further questions.