“Ultimate Chicago’s mission is to promote and grow the sport of Ultimate among players of all skill levels; to be a resource for Chicago-area players and teams; and to recognize and encourage play according to the Spirit of the Game.”

Ultimate Chicago is more than just an organization to run Ultimate leagues. We are dedicated to promoting the game of Ultimate in the Midwest and beyond. Sure, leagues are major part of what we do, but Ultimate Chicago is here to support various club teams, regional tournaments and even to teach new players.

Community is a major focus of Ultimate Chicago. It starts by acknowledging that Ultimate Chicago was built on relationships and continues by strengthening the growing the social community. Ultimate Chicago is a network of friends, competitors and colleagues who are the players and volunteers of the organization built on the common thread of Ultimate. Ultimate Chicago is dedicated to the ongoing health of this community through its programs.

Finally, Ultimate Chicago is dedicated to promoting and growing the sport of Ultimate according to the “Spirit of the Game” – a tradition of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play among the players. This spirit is what makes Ultimate unique to any other sport and is a vital component to the growth of Ultimate Chicago.