Board of Directors

The Ultimate Chicago Board of Directors consists of 9 members who are elected by the Ultimate Chicago community and serve a two-year term. We’re always happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact any board member with concerns, issues, complements (much appreciated) or if you’re interested in volunteering. Here are the current Ultimate Chicago board members:


Steph Landry

Steph Landry discovered ultimate the way that many female players do: she had a crush on a guy in high school and got tired of sitting on the sidelines watching the boys play. That teenage romance didn't work out, but she did find a love for the game and decided to join her college team. Since then, she's started and captained a women's team in college, participated in practices, leagues & tournaments in the northeast & midwest, Mississippi, Arizona, Hawaii, and Australia, and played pretty much every league in Chicago since moving here in 2012. Steph also coaches some pretty great high schoolers at Pritzker College Prep and started playing women's club with Frenzy this past summer. She's honored to have the chance to give back to a community that's given her so much, and she's especially passionate about getting more kids and more women to play ultimate!

Jen Wu

Jen moved to Chicago in 2013 without knowing anyone and quickly found a great group of friends through the Chicago pickup scene. Having never played before, she was apprehensive about joining a league team. Little did she know that it was the best decision she could have made. Since then, she has captained various league teams, assisted with beginner teams and clinics, commissioned a league, and is currently playing with the Chicago womens' club team, Frenzy. Jen is really excited to be involved on the Ultimate Chicago Board and to promote the growth of a sport that gave her a family away from home.


Angelo Artemakis

Angelo started playing ultimate in the '90s in CUSL and with club teams like Shazam, Godzilla, and the notorious Terrible Thunderlizards. He was one of the founding board members of Ultimate Chicago and started the city's first youth league. He is now focused on coaching youth ultimate with Ragtag Ultimate, a team of many second-generation ultimate players. Angelo still plays at the grandmaster level -- soon to be great grandmaster -- and expects to one day start the first wheelchair ultimate league.


Lindsey Hack

Lindsey began playing ultimate at Michigan State University in 2002 and went on to finish her college eligibility at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. In addition to college ultimate, Lindsey spent approximately 12 years playing elite women's club and even sprinkled in one season of mixed. A huge advocate for community ultimate, Lindsey began the East Lansing Summer League, TFDA's women's league, the Triangle Youth Ultimate League (~1500 unique participants and >10 programs), served on the Triangle Ultimate's Board of Directors, volunteered for various leadership roles within USAU, and played in numerous leagues herself. Her passions now primarily circle around youth and women's ultimate - including coaching Nemesis - and hopes she can use some of her experiences from working with other communities to foster additional growth in Chicago.


Emily Sipfle


Emily started playing here in Chicago while in grad school on UIC's now defunct team jUICebox. Since then, she’s played a whole lot of league and one season of club with Frenzy Emily loves playing league for chance to interact with players from a range of skill levels and backgrounds. She supports the growth of opportunities for new players and access to a range of opportunities for all players. Emily is excited to be on the board of Ultimate Chicago and welcomes any questions or feedback from the community.


Sam Sadlier


Sam started playing ultimate 12 years ago like many kids do, at summer camp. It was five more years before she would work up the courage to go to her first Fever practice at Ohio State, where one year later she would be a part of the first Fever team to qualify for College Nationals. Joining the Fever family was the best decision she made in college. Since then she has played on various club (both mixed and women’s) and league teams in Columbus, Boston and currently in Chicago. Inspired by the diverse communities in Chicago and the power of ultimate, Sam is excited to grow our network and introduce kids of all backgrounds to our sport. She also hopes to be a voice for the mixed ultimate community and welcomes suggestions and feedback!


Rusty Scioscia


Rusty Scioscia began his ultimate career in 2004 while participating in high school at Aquinas Academy in Pittsburgh, PA. He attended the University of Pittsburgh for his undergrad and masters in engineering and played college, club, and league Ultimate during that time. After moving to Milwaukee, WI in 2014 for work, he completed his MBA at Marquette University. While there, he coached the Marquette Men's Ultimate team, founded and captained Stall & Oates (Milwaukee Competitive League Team), and played on various Milwaukee based Men's Club teams. Rusty moved to Chicago in August of 2017 and is thankful to be in a position to help shape the future of the Chicago Ultimate community. Rusty's other interests include running a Board Game Production company, playing competitive Magic the Gathering, and Crossfit.