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Who is Ultimate Chicago?

Ultimate Chicago is an athletic, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1998 to support the sport of Ultimate in the Chicagoland area. Ultimate Chicago was incorporated with a mission to “promote and grow the sport of Ultimate among players of all skill levels; to be a resource for Chicago-area players and teams; and to recognize and encourage play according to the Spirit of the Game.”

It is imperative to Ultimate Chicago that sportsmanship or “Sprit of the Game” is upheld in all leagues, tournaments and activities sponsored by Ultimate Chicago to teach respect, fair play and ultimately demonstrate the value of Ultimate as a team sport for health and social benefits. Ultimate Chicago now supports four leagues (with several divisions) that encourage play year-round. The leagues are structured to encourage participation of both men and women of various skill levels, and provide games for over 2,000 players in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

Ultimate Chicago is led by the eight elected Board of Directors and supported by the dedication of countless volunteers who share passion for the game.

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