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2017 Winter League

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Played on indoor walled soccer fields at Chicago Indoor Sports (3900 S Ashland Ave), it's the best way to keep those winter pounds off without losing digits to frostbite!

Games will play in different sessions throughout the evening. Earliest session will begin at 6:30pm - latest session will end at 9:30pm.

  • You play strictly timed games as opposed to playing to a point total. No point caps, win by two, etc. you stop playing when the buzzer sounds (or once discs already in the air, before the buzzer goes off, are caught), the point does not necessarily end with a goal. Sets can end in ties.
  • A smaller field and fewer players (5 on 5)
  • Shorter stall counts to keep things moving (to 7)
  •  Walls are in bounds, so ricochet away!
  • Scores are caught in the goalie box (not the actual net, but the lined box in front of the goal) which means you can score from three sides of the endzone!
Schedule is up for the next four weeks - on Week 6 (Feb. 14th) we will begin playoffs and will have schedule for those set as soon as possible after Week 5 games. (All teams will still play three games a night each week).
Special rule clarifications:
Gender Ratio: At the beginning of each round, captains should meet and discuss any potential absences that would affect their ability to field a team within the approved gender ratios. If either team cannot field enough women or men, subs may be granted to the opposing team to help balance ratios so that the most playing time is afforded to the greatest number of players present.
To maximize playing time given this league's roster gender ratios, we recommend that players utilize a 3:2 ratio for the first game, a 4:1 ratio for the second game, and a 3:2 ratio for the third game. If both captains agree, they may set the ratio for games as they see fit, but never below 4:1 if players of both gender are present.
Starting a new point: Players scoring a point should drop the disc, and the other team should bring the disc to the top of the yellow key in the endzone. (Note: normal turnovers in the endzone do not warrant moving the disc from where it came to rest.) Either team may initiate the ten-second pre-stall to avoid unnecessary delay. If the offense is ready and wishes to offer the disc for tapping in earlier, they may. If the defense in turn is also ready, they may tap it in - only in this manner should the ten-second pre-stall count be skipped or cut short. 
Out-of-bounds: Walls are in bounds, nets are not. Discs hitting the net are out of bounds at the point where they come to rest.
Stall count: is 7.
Starting pull: Flip for pull on games 1 and 3. The pull for game 2 should be the inverse of game 1. 

Subbing on the fly: Players may sub out during a point by heading to their box and high-fiving another teammate in. There is no stoppage of play for this action, so any players subbing acknowledge the risk therein. Gender ratios should be maintained throughout each individual game.

Goalie Box: If you can manage to catch the disc before it hits the wall, landing in the goalie box area is fair game!

League Contact

Dan Morgridge

League Leader

Team Boots With The Fur
Rank: 1 of 6
Wins: 10
Losses: 1
Point Diff: +18

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