Fall Goaltimate Registration Is Open!


Fall Goaltimate Registration Is Open!

The Fall Goaltimate League will run for 8 weeks (September 16th - November 4th) at Revere Park.  Registration for this league will be limited to 100 people and will close on Thursday, September 10th.  The league fee is $40. Register Today!



A close cousin of Ultimate, Goaltimate is played on a smaller, half-court pitch in which teams of four attempt to score by throwing a disc cleanly through a large semicircular hoop and inside an ovoid arc of cones places behind it. Unlike Ultimate where play stops after a goal is scored and the next point begins with a pull, in Goaltimate the scoring team retains possession and continues the flow of the game by "clearing" the disc by throwing it behind a line on the opposite end of the pitch. Goaltimate rules are similar to Ultimate with a few exceptions: stall count is five instead of ten and can be counted from anywhere on the pitch; picks and double teams are legal; and subbing happens in the midst of play.


Location, Dates and Times

This league will take place at Revere Park from 7 pm to 9 pm on Wednesdays from September 16th - November 4th. 


Buddy Groups

Groups of two can register for the league. However, if either member of the group's registration is not complete when registration cuts off, they will not be accepted into the league. The remaining member whose registration is compete will have the choice of whether to play or not.Note: Your registration is not considered complete until your online waiver and payment have been received.