Board of Directors

The Ultimate Chicago Board of Directors consists of 8 members who are elected by the Ultimate Chicago community and serve a two-year term. We’re always happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact any board member with concerns, issues, complements (much appreciated) or if you’re interested in volunteering. Here are the current Ultimate Chicago board members:  


Jeff Orcutt

Jeff Orcutt first played ultimate in '97 and has been hooked ever since. After a unlucky start (Kalamazoo College got a club team the year after he graduated) Jeff started seriously playing in the Asian Club circuit. In Beijing, Jeff ran the local Beijing ultimate scene for three years. Besides the numerous parties, leagues, friendlies, etc, etc, he ran China nationals for three years and was a founding member and president of the Ultimate Association of China, which is like USA Ultimate but not as cool. Jeff is a lover of Ultimate and of Ultimate communities the world over. His favorite tournament (besides China Nationals) is Manila Spirits which is in mid-to-late November. He highly recommends it. He welcomes all comments, suggestions, and questions.



Josh Cooper
Vice President

Joshua Cooper is an educator and a lover of ultimate. Whether playing for Gambit or administering the Juniors Spring League, Joshua can't help but get involved and do what he can to improve experiences and consider options. From generating and analyzing surveys to creating multimedia presentations, Josh wants to help spread the joy of Ultimate as it is and help Ultimate Chicago be what it can be. He also feels queasy writing about himself in the third person.



Colleen Costello

Colleen starting playing ultimate in 2001, when she joined the UC Fall League without any idea of what all this "stack" and "flick" business was about, and has been addicted ever since. When not playing ultimate, Colleen is probably in a lab, doing science.




Gail Reich


Gail fell in love with ultimate in the year 2007. Since then she has played league, college and club ultimate. Her addiction to chasing the disc has made a great excuse to travel both nationally and internationally (favorite tournament: Paganello). In the few spare moments when she is not doing something ultimate related, she can be found skiing down a mountain or taking photographs.



Kunal Pujara
Board member

Kunal Pujara's rookie year was 1987, when Ronald Reagan was president and Fortran was the programming language of choice. Kunal played in college and grad school for 5 years. He has organized Evanston pickup ultimate since 1995. Kunal is a co-captain the UC rec team "Big Fun," which he founded in 2005 with the signature pink castle on the sidelines. He teaches high school physics with his Yoda backpack/sidekick in a classroom lined with ultimate discs.




Jorge Duarte


Jorge Andrés Duarte started playing ultimate through CUJO in 2002, with Loyola Academy College Prep. He has played every year since through various Ultimate Chicago Leagues, captaining his college team at Northern Illinois University, the mixed club team Muévela for the last three years, and the intimidating team known as bUICk. Known for embracing the 'spirit' of the game he has gone virtually unchallenged for winning tournament parties and continues to push the limits of burpee/frisbee trick shots which you can find on his youtube channel.