Board of Directors

The Ultimate Chicago Board of Directors consists of 8 members who are elected by the Ultimate Chicago community and serve a two-year term. We’re always happy to hear from you. Feel free to contact any board member with concerns, issues, complements (much appreciated) or if you’re interested in volunteering. Here are the current Ultimate Chicago board members:  


Jeff Orcutt

Jeff Orcutt first played ultimate in '97 and has been hooked ever since. After a unlucky start (Kalamazoo College got a club team the year after he graduated) Jeff started seriously playing in the Asian Club circuit. In Beijing, Jeff ran the local Beijing ultimate scene for three years. Besides the numerous parties, leagues, friendlies, etc, etc, he ran China nationals for three years and was a founding member and president of the Ultimate Association of China, which is like USA Ultimate but not as cool. Jeff is a lover of Ultimate and of Ultimate communities the world over. His favorite tournament (besides China Nationals) is Manila Spirits which is in mid-to-late November. He highly recommends it. He welcomes all comments, suggestions, and questions.






Gail Reich

Gail started playing Ultimate when she moved to Chicago in 2007. She immediately fell in love. Over the past nine years, she has played league, college (Northwestern for grad school, go Gung-Ho!) and club level Ultimate. Her addiction to chasing plastic has also made for a great excuse to travel both domestically and internationally (favorite tournament: Paganello). Gail is also passionate about spreading Ultimate. She has been on the board of directors of Ultimate Chicago for the past four years and spends a majority of her efforts organizing and promoting youth Ultimate. Her influence on youth goes beyond Chicago through her participation in several USAU collaborations, from clinics to committees to GUM (Girls Ultimate Movement). She is also beyond thrilled to be part of Ultimate Peace. In the few spare moments when she is not doing something ultimate related, she can be found skiing down a mountain or taking photographs.






Eric Newman
Vice President

Already in his 30s, Eric played his first game of ultimate in 2001 and soon realized it’s a lot more fun than running in a straight line. Over the last 14 years, he has cleated up for a countless number of league, tournament and pick up games and, from 2009 to present, he has played on various men’s open and old guy club teams. The first thing that goes into his suitcase when packing for a trip is a disc and, because he wants to continue spreading the word about our great sport, Eric is honored to have been elected to serve on the Ultimate Chicago board, where he hopes he can continue working to expand opportunities for people to play. Please let him know if you have any questions or input or ideas about how we could be serving our community better.







Cheryl Siebert

Cheryl started playing in Chicago Ultimate Summer League many moons ago before she could even throw a disc! She was immediately hooked not just by the sport and the spirit of the game but also by the awesome community that is ultimate. She has been chasing plastic ever since! Other than the occasional tournament she has always stuck with playing league ultimate and after captaining teams and commissioning Thursday league the next logical step was serving on the board. Cheryl agrees with Josh that it is weird speaking of oneself in the third person!




Jessica "Bearden" Lang

Jessica "Bearden" Lang started playing ultimate in 2008 with a group from Argonne National Laboratory. She eventually found her way to the Chicago club scene and will be cleating up for the sixth time this year with Dish. Jessica enjoys playing in Ultimate Chicago leagues with her husband. This spring league they will debut their new addition, Sadie.






Leanne King

Leanne started playing Ultimate while at university in Newcastle, Australia. Since then she has been lucky to play all over the place, most recently here in Chicago. She loves all games involving a frisbee, especially ones that also have a PVC hoop. She also loves introducing new players to the game and empowering players to increase their skills and try throwing scoobers. Leanne is happy to have the opportunity to be on the board and hopes to serve the frisbee playing crowd well.






Steph Landry

Steph Landry discovered ultimate the way that many female players do: she had a crush on a guy in high school and got tired of sitting on the sidelines watching the boys play. That teenage romance didn't work out, but she did find a love for the game and decided to join her college team. Since then, she's started and captained a women's team in college, participated in practices, leagues & tournaments in the northeast & midwest, Mississippi, Arizona, Hawaii, and Australia, and played pretty much every league in Chicago since moving here in 2012. Steph also coaches some pretty great high schoolers at Pritzker College Prep and started playing women's club with Frenzy this past summer. She's honored to have the chance to give back to a community that's given her so much, and she's especially passionate about getting more kids and more women to play ultimate!





Jen Wu

Jen moved to Chicago in 2013 without knowing anyone and quickly found a great group of friends through the Chicago pickup scene. Having never played before, she was apprehensive about joining a league team. Little did she know that it was the best decision she could have made. Since then, she has captained various league teams, assisted with beginner teams and clinics, commissioned a league, and is currently playing with the Chicago womens' club team, Frenzy. Jen is really excited to be involved on the Ultimate Chicago Board and to promote the growth of a sport that gave her a family away from home.





Nick Lindeke

Nick has been playing ultimate since 2007 and got his start in the sport by founding the ultimate club at Mahtomedi High School during his senior year. He went on to play ultimate at Valparaiso University where he captained the team for two years. After graduating, Nick moved to Chicago where he joined the local club and league scene, playing for IBEX, Mixed Reaction, Beachfront Property and numerous Winter, Spring & Fall leagues. He also has coached youth programs at Neuqua Valley High School and Pritzker College Prep. In the summer of 2016, Nick started up Great Lakes Ultimate Events to create more high-quality tournaments in the region for all skill levels. When he isn't playing or hosting tournaments, Nick takes pictures for UltiPhotos.